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Have you ever looked around your house and just wanted something new or different? Maybe you don't have the time or money to sink into a big remodeling project, but you'd like to freshen up the look of some of your rooms.

Paint is an easy way to do this, and you don't even have to go through the expense or energy of painting an entire room. Here are three of our favorite easy paint projects:

Just like anything else in your house, your appliances need some house cleaning attention from time to time. Though it might seem excessive to wash the dishwasher when it's already running a cycle every day, bits of food and grime accumulate in places the spray doesn't reach. This can make your dishwasher less effective—and hold onto more germs.

Thankfully, cleaning the dishwasher isn't extremely hard and won't take too much time. If you do it once a month, it should stay fairly clean!

You can convince your child to do some housekeeping. It might not be the easiest sell, but with some clever reasoning, a chore chart, and some rewards, the cleaning thing will eventually catch on. Cleaning this way is good—it teaches a child to self-motivate—but there's more you can do to make sure the cleaning habit continues as they grow up.

The difference is subtle: don't just teach a child to clean, teach them how and why to clean. Learning all three of those things at a young age will make it personal to them and stay with them in years to come.

Mold is one of those things no homeowner even wants to think about. It's gross, makes the house smell musty, spreads like wildfire, makes house cleaning a chore, and damages softer materials including soft wood and carpets. Mold and mildew are not your friends, so don't let them in the house at all!

The best way to deal with mold and mildew is prevention. If you understand where and why mold develops, you can keep it from making itself at home in your home.

What do you want your bedroom to do for you? Is it a peaceful oasis when you come home at the end of the day or an exciting space that reflects your personality? Regardless of the type of bedroom you want, there are some ideas for creating the look you want—take what you want from your bedroom and inject these style pointers.

The room in the image on the right is the Serene Retreat from 5 Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms, where you can find finished room inspiration and tips. 

Just like everything else in your home, your plants collect dust and need a cleaning every now and then. It might not be part of your normal house cleaning routine, but adding it in once every couple of weeks will help keep your plants—and the air—a little healthier.

Here are some tips on how to clean basic houseplants. If you have more unique plants or want more details, check out How to Clean Your Houseplants.

Over time, a washing machine builds up residue from clothes, water, and detergent. Not only can this make your washing machine less effective, it also traps odors you’d rather not have in your clean clothes.

Laundry is a necessary part of house cleaning, and you don’t want to waste time washing clothes in a dirty washer! The good news is, there’s a fast and easy way to clean it, and you don’t have to pick up a scrub brush to do it!

When you do your housekeeping, what areas come to mind for organization? You probably think of a hall closet, a bookshelf constantly in disarray, or the catch-all drawer—but what about your wallet or purse?

Maid services can help you keep your house clean, dust free, and healthy for you and your family, but what about when you aren’t at home? If you find yourself holding up the line in the grocery digging around for that card, photo, or slip of paper, it’s time to get it back under control!

When clutter starts to build up in your home, it can quickly start to make your rooms look messier. Because it often happens slowly over time, you might not even realize how many things you’ve acquired until the clutter is creeping into your space.

Getting rid of clutter not only makes your house look more organized, it also makes house cleaning much, much easier. Instead of cleaning around things, you can actually reach every surface. While good maid services will put objects back where they belong, if you have too many things, it will be more difficult—give your house the edge by getting rid of clutter.

How clean are your kitchen floors? Are they sticky? Is there dirt in the corners? Floors can be a challenge to clean, and it makes sense: expansive surfaces that attract food and dirt. No wonder they can be so intimidating!
Making your floors look nice is probably already part of your house cleaning routine, but how well do you clean them? Dirt, germs, and anything sticky will hang around as long as possible unless you target them. Worse, small particles left on your floor can cause your floors to get scratched and look worn over time. Good cleaning services know how to clean your floor, and the best do it by hand—however it gets done, having clean floors will make your house look, feel, and smell cleaner.
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