Three Things to Include in Your More Comfortable Office

Three Things to Include in Your More Comfortable Office

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More and more people spend most of their work time (and even play time!) in front of their computers. This can put stress on your back, your hands, wrists, and fingers, and your eyes.

Remember to break up long periods of time at the computer with 15 minute breaks away from the screen and out of your chair. Throw in some jumping jacks or stretches to help stay limber between tasks. 

You can also add some of these ergonomic-friendly items suggested by Apartment Therapy to improve your comfort:

Wrist Cushion. It might not be the most stylish solution to wrist pain, but it can be a big help, especially if you spend time both at the keyboard and manually writing. It spins around your wrist to whichever angle you need for whatever task you're doing—now that's a simple solution!

Besides, it's kind of cute, right?

Ergonomic Chair. There's an important thing to note about ergonomic chairs—they aren't all created equally, and one chair is not right for everyone. You might want something more traditional, or you might want something unique, like the Sylki chair, an ergonomic chair engineered from a single piece of metal that puts you in a comfortable position when you sit in it.

Here's the trick to ergonomic chairs: try them. If you can, go to a furniture or office store and sit in different office chairs. Even if you don't find the one you want, you'll have an idea of which features work for you and which don't!

Keyboard and Mouse. If you spend all of your time at the computer, then a quality keyboard and mouse designed to make you more comfortable is basically a necessity. Ergonomic and natural keyboards are designed to fit the natural position from which people normally type. It removes a lot of the strain on your wrists and fingers.

With a mouse, if you can, you should test a couple just like you do a chair. Not everyone's hand is the same size, and a perfectly-shaped mouse for one person may make another feel cramped. 

Making your office more comfortable will make being there much less stressful!

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