Three Random Cleaning Tips to Make Life Easier

Three Random Cleaning Tips to Make Life Easier

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There are always those little house cleaning jobs that you know should be easier, but seem to be a hassle. Thankfully, you aren’t the only one who has experienced those tasks, and there are creative ways to handle many of them.

Here are solutions for three of those common tasks:

Problem: Streaky Glass. Ever have to clean the mirror, windows, TV, or computer screen over and over again to get it clean without streaks? How frustrating!

Skip streaky glass with this one item: coffee filters. Newspapers have long been lauded for their ability to clean glass to a streak-free shine, but they also leave behind a light coat of ink that attracts dust!

Instead, use coffee filters to dry your glass for the same streak-free shine without residue. In between cleanings, you can use them to dust your screens, as well.

Problem: Slow Drains. Trying to clean the bathtub but discover the water is draining far too slowly? Slow drains are an extremely common issue, but rather than calling a plumber or buying chemicals, try this first: pour 1 cup of salt down into the drain, then follow with 2 quarts of hot water for faster draining.

Salt acts as an abrasive, breaking loose many of the things that cause your bathtub to drain slowly. If you have a sink with the same problem, just halve the amounts (1/2 cup salt, 1 quart of water) to make it flow faster.

Problem: Dust on the Ceiling. Ugh, no one likes to look up into the corners and see dust and cobwebs! Tackling this one is a piece of cake, though—and much easier than teetering on the edge of a step stool or chair trying to dust. 

Take a microfiber cloth and rubberband it to the bottom of a broom. This creates a microfiber dusting pad on a stick—perfect for reaching into high corners and molding. 

What are your favorite easy cleaning tips?

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