Some Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom

Some Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom

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What do you want your bedroom to do for you? Is it a peaceful oasis when you come home at the end of the day or an exciting space that reflects your personality? Regardless of the type of bedroom you want, there are some ideas for creating the look you want—take what you want from your bedroom and inject these style pointers.

The room in the image on the right is the Serene Retreat from 5 Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms, where you can find finished room inspiration and tips. 

For Any Room:

1. Choose your color based on your bedroom’s purpose. If you want a peaceful place, look for light, calm colors like light blue or light green. Yellow has been shown to be the most taxing on your eyes, so you might want to skip it if you’re going to spend a lot of time in your room.

If you want something more exciting, go with bolder tones like red, orange, dark purple, and black. Remember to balance the color with some splashes of neutral!

2. Use symmetry to your advantage. If you’re going for peaceful, symmetry is the way to go. Your room will appear classic, elegant, and calm—a great combination! Try looking for ways to add balance, from neatly placed pillows to matching lamps on either side of the bed. 

3. Find something surprising. Regardless of your room choices, it’s your bedroom and should reflect your personality. Find something unexpected that you absolutely love and use it as décor. Turn the cedar chest into a bench or add a lamp or light fixture with some flair unique to your taste.

4. Texturize. There are likely some textures you love most, so find those to use on the fabric in your bedroom. If you’re feeling extremely creative, find some unusual ways to bring in that texture: walls, doors, wall hangings, light fixtures—there are plenty of places to inject some texture!

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