Researching Window Curtain Fabrics and Drapery Materials

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When looking at products that say either fabric or material, what is the difference? It can be confusing, especially since terms are used differently and companies also describe their own products in their own way. To better understand this, think of the word Velcro and how it gets used. The word Velcro is used by society for the hook and loop fasteners, mainly because Velcro manufactured it. The real term is definitely hook and loop. Other companies cannot call it Velcro, but people do. The same can apply to various products, such as curtains, blankets, shirts, pants, etc. A fabric is defined as the results of weaving materials together. As an example, a fabric can be made from silk or be made from silk and cotton. In thinking about this, one brand may call a curtain a cotton curtain. Another brand may call it a cotton material curtain.

Fabrics often have their own name determined by specific materials used. This can cause confusion between product descriptions. Moreover, some fabric names are based on style or design. Calico fabric is made from cotton and consists of small flower patterns on a background with contrast. Damask fabric is made from cotton and consists of small raised dots on one side of the fabric. When it comes to a satin fabric, it is named from materials used that includes silk, cotton, polyester, or a mixture of any of the three. Another fabric is chenille. It is made from chenille yarn that is made from rayon, olefin, cotton, and acrylic materials.

Brighter colors used in a fabric add a nice touch, but do tend to fade easier. Duller colors may not look as great, but the appearance sustains longer. As long as you don't mind changing curtains frequently, brighter colors may suit you well.  

When discussing window curtains, one thing to note is that dependability and strength are just as important as the looks and the design. This is important for those who prefer not to routinely replace those window curtains. Your room or rooms may look great with the consistent house cleaning tasks, but the curtain can make or break the tone of the room.

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