Organization in Your Hands

Organization in Your Hands

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When you do your housekeeping, what areas come to mind for organization? You probably think of a hall closet, a bookshelf constantly in disarray, or the catch-all drawer—but what about your wallet or purse?

Maid services can help you keep your house clean, dust free, and healthy for you and your family, but what about when you aren’t at home? If you find yourself holding up the line in the grocery digging around for that card, photo, or slip of paper, it’s time to get it back under control!

Cleaning Out Your Wallet

It’s easy to just stick receipts and papers in your wallet, but it can quickly turn into a mess. Here’s how to get things back under control:

  • Take everything out of your wallet. It’s a straightforward purge, take it all out—even that one credit card that always gets stuck.
  • Decide what’s important. Your wallet is made to give you what you need wherever you are. That credit card you only use for online purchases? You can probably keep it somewhere else.
  • Put receipts and important things in their place. If you have a file system or a place where you keep your receipts or important papers, put everything where it belongs. Otherwise it took up space in your wallet for no reason!
  • Put things back in with an eye to familiarity and frequency. If you always use the same spot for your driver’s license, you’re not going to want to change it. For other things, decide where to put them based on how often you use it.

Cleaning Out Your Purse

In addition to the four points above, add these:

  • Throw things away. Purses tend to be a catch all, especially if you have children. That piece of bubble gum that’s been collecting lint in the bottom of your purse can probably go, along with the shiny rock your 3-year-old found.
  • Assign a place for everything. It might sound silly; after all, it’s just a purse. That is, until you’re desperately searching for your keys or that phone number you wrote down. Group like items together to make things easy to find.

Once your wallet and purse are clean, work on making it a habit to put things back in the right places every time.

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