Making a Statement...With the Floor

Making a Statement...With the Floor

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Whether you just prefer neutral-colored walls or you can't paint because you're renting, there are some clever ways to dress up a room with neutral walls. You might use brightly colored furniture, bold curtains, or textured elements, for instance.

One way, as Apartment Therapy shows, is to use a rug that makes a statement. Rugs do a good job of pulling a room together and defining a space, so this makes sense, and rugs are extremely easy to care for when it comes to house cleaning. Here are some things to keep in mind as you design with a statement rug:

Go Bold

If you're making a statement, make it a statement! Play off the neutral with something complementary but stronger. A big pattern will draw the eye, just make sure it's one you really like!

  • White walls: Go bright! Try a pattern with red, blue, green, or purple. 
  • Brown walls: Try something in yellow, green, orange, or teal.
  • Black walls: You can make anything worth with black, so think about what you want for the room before choosing your rug. Only color you should probably avoid is solid black.

Accessorize to Complement

Tie the room together through the rug by adding accessories that complement or match the rug—just be careful with matching that you pay attention to how much the color is broken up by other tones. Throw some great solid pieces in that suit the rug well and bring pops of color throughout the room. 

Make Use of Its Flexibility

The best thing about a rug is the fact that it isn't permanent. Not only can you change the look of the room by switching out the rug, you can also take the rug to other rooms and create new designs around it. 

When you're looking for something fresh in your neutral room, go big on the rug!

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