Keeping the Bathroom Clean

Keeping the Bathroom Clean

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Like the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the places in your house that has to be constantly clean. Bacteria and mildew like to hang out there when given the chance, and everyone uses the bathroom.

Thankfully, good maid services do a great job cleaning the bathroom, but what about the little tasks in between? Here are some ideas to help you keep your bathroom clean:

Bath Toys are especially prone to mildew because they often have tiny crevices that trap water and invite bacteria or mold growth. Wash and disinfect them by soaking them in a mixture of vinegar and water, then scrubbing any dirty areas with an old toothbrush.

Shower Curtains often get overlooked in the cleaning process, but like everything else in the bathroom, they collect bacteria and mildew, as well. Thankfully, most shower curtains can be thrown in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. If you have one that can't, scrub it down with a vinegar and water combination. 

The Air! One of the reasons bathrooms are a hassle is because of the warm, moist air that is often trapped inside. You can take away some of the cleaning concerns by opening the windows or turning on the fan whenever you take a hot shower or bath.

Maintaining the clean is the important part, and you can do that pretty easily by taking one or two minutes every day to wipe down the counters, dry wet spots on the floor, and tidy up trash. Help everyone in your family learn to put away things when they finish with them and your bathroom will stay clean!

What are your tricks for keeping the bathroom nice?

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