Interesting, Clever Lights for Your Home

Interesting, Clever Lights for Your Home

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As the sun goes down and you reach for nearest light, do you ever take a look at the light itself? Most are fairly standard: a bulb in a globe or sconce. Maybe you have a chandelier over your dining room table and a lamp on your desk, but for the most part, your lights are probably straightforward.

Designers are getting fun with light fixtures, though; and from across the internet come a few fun, clever ideas for the fixtures in your home:

Arc Floor Lamp. These lamps do exactly what their name suggests: they arc above the area they illuminate. That might not seem very clever, but when you're using it, it works just like a personal overhead light. 

The best part about that is the ability to move the lamp. Working on a crafting project and need more light? Move it to the table. Need it in your home office, put it next to your desk. It's a great option for a powerful light fixture that's also interesting.

Light Frame. This style has become a little more common in the past few years and is pretty straightforward: a frame (usually metal) is constructed in a grid big enough to hang over the designated space, and light sources are placed at intervals along the frame.

For softer, cozier light, this is actually a great idea. Bathe the whole room in light if you want, or attach it to a dimmer switch and turn it down when you're ready for something softer.

Bubbles. Bubbles actually make sense—everyone remembers blowing bubbles as a kid, it's a familiar shape and idea. These fixtures usually hang from the ceiling, and you might want to use it instead of your dining room chandelier!

Bubble-lights are glass balls shaped bigger or larger, depending on the design, then attached to the central light fixture and sometimes, to each other. 

If you could have any light fixture in your home, which would it be?

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