How to Make Your Windows Look Amazing

How to Make Your Windows Look Amazing

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 If you’ve ever looked out a dirty window, it probably made you want to clean it! Cleaning windows can seem like an arduous task because sometimes when you clean your windows, you get rid of the dirt but add streaks.

How can you get the best windows without the extra time required to repeatedly wash it? Good housekeeping services will offer window cleaning, and there are also a few tips that should make it easy:

Tip #1:Wait for clouds. When you wash your windows on a sunny day, the water and soap residue can dry prematurely, leaving spots and streaks. If you wait for a cloudy day, you’ll be much better off, and you likely won’t have any streaks at all.

Tip #2:Skip the window cleaner. Don’t spend extra on window cleaner—dishsoap and water is actually one of the best choices for cleaning windows because it’s created to cut grease, like the kind left by dirty fingerprints!

Just combine a couple of drops of the soap with warm water in a spray bottle and gently shake to incorporate the two. 

Tip #3: Say no to paper towels. It might be the go-to for window cleaning, but paper towels often leave little pieces of lint behind on the window that you will have to either wipe or pick off later. 

Instead, opt for a sponge or microfiber cloth. Spray down the window with your cleaner, then scrub clean.

Tip #4: Squeegee! If you have a squeegee, use it to dry the windows. It’s easily the most effective choice. However, if you don’t, use a lint free towel or dry microfiber cloth to dry the windows as soon as you’re done washing.

Drying the windows prevents the sun from causing streaks and spots from soap residue drying, leaving your windows spotless and beautiful!

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