How to Have Really Clean Floors

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How clean are your kitchen floors? Are they sticky? Is there dirt in the corners? Floors can be a challenge to clean, and it makes sense: expansive surfaces that attract food and dirt. No wonder they can be so intimidating!
Making your floors look nice is probably already part of your house cleaning routine, but how well do you clean them? Dirt, germs, and anything sticky will hang around as long as possible unless you target them. Worse, small particles left on your floor can cause your floors to get scratched and look worn over time. Good cleaning services know how to clean your floor, and the best do it by hand—however it gets done, having clean floors will make your house look, feel, and smell cleaner.
Stuck-on Dirt or Food
That soda your kids spilled last week is still sticky on the floor even though you’ve mopped it a couple of times. The stickier the substance, the harder it is to get off the floor (if you’ve ever spilled honey or syrup, you know how true this is!).
If you want to get the stickiness off the floor, your best bet is to go after it up close. Get a good scrub brush or strong microfiber cloth, wet it with vinegar and water, and scrub that stickiness away.
Tip: to be sure the stickiness is gone, dry the area and test it. Often, sticky floors will feel fine when wet, but then return back to their old tricks as soon as they dry.
Regular Mopping
Once the floor is clean of the stuck-on spots, it’s time to mop. Start with a bucket of lukewarm water and your favorite floor cleaner or a cup of vinegar. Always start with a clean mop head, as well, otherwise you will smear old dirt back onto the floor, and no one wants that.
Dip the mop and ring it out well to prevent pooling, then start in a corner. Work in small areas, making sure you overlap your strokes to get complete coverage. After each small area, rinse your mop out and start again in a new area until you’ve worked your way across the floor.
Once the entire floor is clean, don’t let anyone walk on it (not even in socks) until it’s completely dry. To speed up the process, put a fan in the doorway and let it circulate air through the room.
Floor cleaning sometimes seems like a hassle, but walking across a clean floor will make it worth your time.

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