How to Clean Your House Plants

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House plants are a great source of pure air for your home's environment and also help to enhance the overall appearance. However, with passage of time, their leaves tend to accumulate lots of dust and dirt particles. Failure to keep the house plants clean would expose them to insects and harmful bacteria. Following are some of the ways which will guide you on how to clean your house plants.

(1) Washing & rinsing the leaves with lukewarm water:-

This is easily the best method to clean your house plants. Small plants can be placed into the kitchen sink and then rinsed gently with a sprayer or spray bottle. The larger ones can be placed under a shower with a flexible head. Temperature of water used for rinsing should be lukewarm and not cold as the latter may cause spots on the leaves.

(2) Wiping off the dust with a moist cloth:-

The dust and dirt on the leaves can be wiped off with a smooth, moist cloth. Towels that can cause abrasion should be avoided. A rag from an old t-shirt would be safer to use. You also need to support the stems and leaves with your hands to prevent any excess pressure exerted by the cloth when cleaning.

(3) Cleaning up bristly leaves with an old toothbrush:-

Plants with bristly and fuzzy leaves can be cleaned and dusted with the help of an old toothbrush. The strokes of the toothbrush should be gentle and applied from the base to the tip of each and every leaf.

(4) Removing yellowing leaves from the plant:-

Care must be taken to ensure that all the yellowing leaves get regularly removed from the plants. The leaves fallen on the soil or leafless stems should be removed without delay.

(5) Eliminating withered and fallen flowers:-

In order to encourage good health and further blooming of house plants, all the withered flowers and blossoms should be taken out as soon as possible.

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