Great Housekeeping Tips for Removing Shoe Marks from Floors

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16 1113tm vector2 3507Sometimes, whether your home has a stone, hardwood or a tiled floor, preventing shoe marks from creating untidy marks on your floor may be inevitable. Rubber soles and heels are the most notorious shoes for creating ugly marks on your floors. Thankfully, there are various ways to wipe off these marks with ease and without having to worry about damaging your floor. Below are some of the methods you can use to remove shoe marks from your floor: 

Using Oil-based Sprays

Apply a spray such as WD-40 or cooking spray to the mark. Use a cleaning rag or a paper towel to scrub the mark away. Repeat for all the marks on your floor. Make sure to mop the entire floor when you are done to ensure no one slips because of the oil used to remove the marks. 

Using Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of the universal products on the market that can also be used to remove various stains from floors. To remove shoe marks, just put some toothpaste to the scuff and wipe it off gently. For stubborn floors such as stone floors, you’ll have to wait longer before scrubbing off the stains. 

Use A Tennis Ball

The fabric and type of material used to make a tennis ball makes it a good eraser. Before going for any expensive cleaning detergents, try to remove shoe marks from your floor by rubbing the scuffs with a tennis ball. They are soft, which will keep your floor from being damaged.

Try To Use a Pencil Eraser

Pencil erasers are readily available and can be used to get rid of shoe marks, especially on linoleum type of floors. They form one of the most affordable yet surest ways of maintaining floors. Remember that these erasers may not work for certain types of flooring.

The aforementioned tips are just some of the basic and simple solutions to this problem. And if you would like assistance with all your housekeeping needs, then do not hesitate to contact The Maids of the South Shore, in Brockton, Massachusetts.

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