Fun Activities for School Holidays and Weekends That Don’t Involve Cleaning Chores

Fun Activities for School Holidays and Weekends That Don’t Involve Cleaning Chores

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iStock 000017507571LargeIt goes without saying that kids love spending some quality time away from school during holidays and weekends. During these periods, they get time to interact and socialize with their parents and neighbors. However, you need to encourage them to take part in various activities to make their leisure time more productive, exciting, and enjoyable.Here are three fun things to keep kids occupied:


Who said that gardening is for people living in rural areas? You can create a home garden for planting vegetables that you can use to prepare meals. This will save you hundreds of dollars that would have been spent purchasing the same products from a grocery store. To get a good harvest, you need to keep it in good shape. This can be achieved by encourage your kid to help you carry out various gardening activities such as weeding, watering and planting. They will surely love the fruits of their labor when they see their plants grow. 

Landscaping Tasks:

To keep your landscape looking great and elegant, you need to carry out a number of landscaping tasks such as trimming hedges, planting new floors, sweeping, and the list goes on. Don’t let your kids stay planted on the sofa all weekend, let them help you carry out some of the simple projects such as raking leaves. In fact, this is a physical activity that will benefit their health. 

Redecorate rooms:

Redecorating rooms every now and then is not only fun, but keeps your kids happy with their rooms. This can be done using simple decor materials such as paper butterflies. To bring out your kids’ inner love for style, let them help you redecorate the rooms. Have a plan on how to decorate each room to save time and get the best results. 

Promote your child’s growth and development by using these three proven fun activities. And if you need assistance with cleaning tasks while you are spending quality time with your kids, then do not hesitate to contact The Maids of the South Shore, in Brockton, Massachusetts, who would be happy to help.

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