Furniture with Seating: Extending Their Life and Appeal

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Furniture takes up a lot of real estate within a room, so to speak. It also contributes to the overall appeal of the room. With that in mind, a sagging, leaning, broken, faded, or worn out piece of furniture can hinder the appeal of your housekeeping efforts. Clean all you want, but an unsightly couch or chair can affect the greatness of the room. In thinking about the impact furniture has on a room, what can you do to preserve its beauty and lifespan? There are several things you can do to help with those elements, with some having the biggest impact.

Stain Protection Applications

The majority of furniture that comes out of the factory is pretreated with stain protection. Some have water repellant advantages as well. However, there are some that do not receive such protection. In any case, protection can wear down as time goes by. Applying stain guard material to the surfaces of the furniture can help prevent stains and spills from making that item their new home. It also serves as a wear protector from constant movement and friction. In addition, it can add new life to faded or dull furniture, just like a floor that has been mopped. The only difference is that the stain protection will not be wet once it sets in.

Furniture Glides

Furniture glides provide added protection to your sit-able furniture. How you ask? Well…a lot of furniture has legs and yet some don’t. In either case, furniture glides can prevent warping, cracking, weakening, and even breaking when moving the item. They also protect the bottoms of the legs or bumpers from scratching, marring, denting, cracking, and chipping when moving them around. In addition, they make it easier to move and less strain for you! On top of that, they protect wood and laminate floors from scuffs if plastic, scratches if metal, or even dents/impressions if either material. They are available in many styles and sizes so it won’t be that noticeable, if at all.

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