Cute Ideas for Remembering Special Events in Your Family Home

Cute Ideas for Remembering Special Events in Your Family Home

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1580 101413 gs1580There are moments in life which should always be remembered. However, any human is bound to forget as time passes. It is for this reason that you should come up with ideas that can help you remember important events that took place in a particular place and time.

DIY Calendars

Creating a calendar is not a tough task at all. All you need is paper, a marker pen and a ruler. The idea here is to draw grids on the paper and mark them with respect to the days of the month. You can then use special paint to mark the most important day in your calendar. That way, you will most certainly remember everything that transpired in that particular day.

Scan The Best of Your Artwork

Do you have a favorite piece of artwork? Well, you can scan the piece and store it electronically. Note that misfortunes can strike when least expected and your artwork might be ruined. Scanning reduces the risk of losing your favorite masterpieces.

Take Photographs

The best idea is to take photos at one place, the same date annually. This creates an impression that the place where the picture was taken is special in some way. Elderly people use such photographs as a throwback to their young ages.

Make Chalkboard Drawings

You can challenge your children to use chalkboard paint to create a portrait of their family or their previous summer destination. This should be done any time a special family event takes place. You can be assured that the images will trigger sweet memories even in your old age.

Write a Birthday Letter to Your Child

A birthday is a very important event that children tend not to forget fast. To help your kids remember the event even better, you can jot down a birthday letter for each. They will certainly keep the special letter as a great reminder of the bond they have with their parents.

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