Cleaning Your Hair Styling Tools

Cleaning Your Hair Styling Tools

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You probably brush your hair every day. Maybe you blow dry it, and if you’re a woman with longer hair, you might curl it, too. When you’re doing the housekeeping, do you ever think about cleaning the tools you use to style your hair?

The truth is, everything you use could benefit from an occasional clean, and that includes the things you use to get ready every day. The next time you’re cleaning, think about cleaning these three items:

Hairbrush. A hairbrush is extremely easy to clean, thankfully! Using a pen or the end of a comb, pull the hair in the brush completely out until there isn’t any left on the brush. Then, wash the brush in warm water and shampoo. Rinse and let drip dry for a cleaner brush you will feel much better about using!

Blow Dryer. Just like any tool with a fan, the blow dryer has to take in air in order to work, and that means bringing dust with it. If your blow dryer has a removable vent cover, remove it and use a toothbrush or pressurized air to clean the dust out. If not, use an old toothbrush or cotton swab dipped in just a tiny bit of alcohol to get the dust off.

Curling Iron. If you use any sort of product in your hair before you curl, that product can actually sear onto the curling iron, leaving behind a dirty residue. It’s no problem to clean, though: just take a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and wipe the length of the curling iron’s wand. The alcohol will take it off easily and also dry quickly so that you can use it sooner.

Don’t forget, too; to check your products. Most hair products begin to loose their benefit after a year, so it might be time to dump the old products and replace them with new ones!

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