Cleaning the Washing Machine: Banished Odors and Cleaner Clothes

Cleaning the Washing Machine: Banished Odors and Cleaner Clothes

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Over time, a washing machine builds up residue from clothes, water, and detergent. Not only can this make your washing machine less effective, it also traps odors you’d rather not have in your clean clothes.

Laundry is a necessary part of house cleaning, and you don’t want to waste time washing clothes in a dirty washer! The good news is, there’s a fast and easy way to clean it, and you don’t have to pick up a scrub brush to do it!

How to Clean Your Washing Machine

All you need for this is some vinegar and some time—about an hour or two.

1. Start the washer. You’re running an empty cycle, so get it started filling.

2. Add 2 cups of vinegar. When the washer is about half full, add the vinegar and close the lid.

3. Let it run a full cycle. The agitator will mix the vinegar into the water and make sure it reaches every area inside your washer.

4. Leave it open to dry. Walk away for a couple of hours and let it air out. Any vinegar left will evaporate and leave behind a clean smell.

Optional: If you feel like your washing machine is exceptionally dirty, you can run a second cycle just like the first with a cup of bleach before you air it out.

Bonus Tip: Vinegar acts as a natural clothes softener in addition to being a great cleaning solution, so feel free to add it to your laundry to keep your washing machine clean and your clothes soft!

If you’re overwhelmed by laundry, hire a maid service to clean the rest of your house so that you can focus on it without feeling neglectful—you deserve a completely clean house without stress!

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