Cleaning it Out: The Difference Decluttering Makes

Cleaning it Out: The Difference Decluttering Makes

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When clutter starts to build up in your home, it can quickly start to make your rooms look messier. Because it often happens slowly over time, you might not even realize how many things you’ve acquired until the clutter is creeping into your space.

Getting rid of clutter not only makes your house look more organized, it also makes house cleaning much, much easier. Instead of cleaning around things, you can actually reach every surface. While good maid services will put objects back where they belong, if you have too many things, it will be more difficult—give your house the edge by getting rid of clutter.

Three Questions to Ask

As you start to sort through the clutter, some things are going to be easy to toss into the trash bags or charity boxes. Some are going to be definite keep items, like important papers or things you use every day. In between, though; there will be things you’re on the fence about or are tempted to keep without considering it twice.

Before you decide to keep something, ask yourself these three questions (and be harsh with yourself, it will pay off!):

1. How often do I use this/When was the last time I saw this? If you haven’t seen something for six months, it’s not as useful as you think—if it was indispensable, you would have bought a replacement or never lost it in the clutter to begin with! Similarly, if you find a useful tool or appliance but you haven’t used it in three months, then you can safely donate it to someone who will use it more often.

2. Why do I want to keep this? If you are still struggling to let go of something, be completely honest with yourself. Do you want to keep it because it was a gift or very expensive? Are there memories attached? If you’re keeping something because of the price associated with it, consider selling it instead of giving it away. Recovering some of the cost will help you feel more comfortable with letting it go. If you have an attachment to your things, remind yourself that the memories you have are not trapped inside the items—they’ll stay with you whether you have that birthday card or not.

3. Will I really miss this? Think ahead to three or six months when your house is decluttered and the items you’ve thrown away or donated are long gone. Will you miss any of the things you’re letting go? Chances are you won’t even remember most of them!

Decluttering is a big task, but you will be grateful you took the time and effort when your house looks incredible.

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