Cleaning and Living at the Same Time

Cleaning and Living at the Same Time

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Have you ever looked at the houses in magazines and wished your house looked that good? Of course, it's hard to keep a house looking like that even with maid services because you live there! While a house is usually pristine for pictures, it's usually temporary.

So how do you have the cleanest house you can have while still living like a normal family? Blogger Alexis Anne asked the same thing as she juggled keeping her house clean for interested buyers while also living with her husband and children. 

Here are some tips inspired by what she shared:

Work for It

The thing about continuing to live as you're trying to keep everything clean is the fact that it requires dedication. 

Keeping a house clean means putting the work into clean it every day, and that can definitely be a handful, especially if you have small children.

However, Alexis Anne observed that once the house was clean, maintenance wasn't too difficult as long as she stayed on top of it—the same thing can work for you!

Clean As You Go

Sometimes the best thing you can do to keep everything clean is just to clean as you go. This takes a bit of discipline and requires developing a habit, but the actual task is pretty easy.

Make a note to yourself (mental or otherwise!) to immediately clean up after everything you do. Dropped toothpaste on the counter? Wipe it up before you're done in the bathroom. Spilled coffee on the floor, go ahead and get it up while it's wet.

It's a little more effort at the onset, but it will save you from a marathon cleaning session later and will also keep the house cleaner and make maintenance easier—definitely worth it!

Be Okay with Imperfection

Even with the greatest of efforts, sometimes cleaning is going to slip away from you, and that's okay. Don't give yourself too hard of a time for living in a “lived in” house. 

When you can, you can get back to cleaning, but don't be afraid of a little imperfection!

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