Clean Up Your Garage by Creating a Great Tool Storage System

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2233 112013 dsc0534Tools, if not properly organized, can take over your garage, leaving little space for anything else. All of these tools take up space, so figuring out a way to effective store them is a great way to free up tons of space in your garage.Maximizing the space in a garage is often all about thinking outside of the box. Below are some tips for creating an effective tool system for your garage:

Power Tools

Power tools make construction projects easy, but they often are ungainly when it comes to storing them. The shapes tend to not lend themselves well to easy storage and the cords tend to end up everywhere. Here's one way to fix this problem:

  • Build two shelves running horizontally along one wall for roughly three or four feet depending on the number of power tools you have. 1 x 8 pieces of wood are good choices for each shelf.
  • Once cut to length, the shelves should be installed horizontally within one roughly eight inches higher than the other shelf.
  • Pick a power tool and roll up the cord then sit the power tool on the top shelf.

Now you have a nice orderly storage system that gives you easy access to each tool without having to mess with tangled cords. You should also have a lot more space available in the garage with the power tools out of the way.

Nuts & Bolts

If you have tools, then you probably have nuts, bolts, and other fasteners sitting all over the garage. An easy way to organize these is to find containers with screw-on lids. Take the lids of these containers and nail them to the underside of one of your shelves, usually the best one would be the one that is at eye level. Place nuts, bolts, nails, or other small items in separate containers. Screw the container back onto the cap and your nuts and bolts are nicely organized and easy to access whenever you need them.

The above two tips represent simple solutions that can make a word of difference in your garage. See if you can think of a few of your own. And if you need assistance with home cleanup, you can contact The Maids of the South Shore, in Brockton, Massachusetts, who would be happy to assist you.

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