Clean Up in a Hurry

Clean Up in a Hurry

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Have you ever had to clean up as quickly as possible? Maybe you've got company coming over, maybe there just isn't a lot of time to get the cleaning done. Either way, the house needs to get clean and you've got a time limit.

Don't panic! With a few quick room-by-room tips, you can have the house clean in no time. If your time is really short, a maid service can come in and get you started!

The Living Room 

The living room is priority number one because it's such a central location for anyone that enters your home. You can get the room looking better in 30 minutes or less, though; if you know what to focus on:

  • Throw away the trash and put away any items that don't belong.
  • Do a quick surface vacuum on the carpet.
  • Grab a microfiber cloth and dust the obvious places.

The Kitchen 

Many times, family and friends gather around the kitchen to chat and snack while food is being prepared, so it's important to keep the room clean and healthy. 

  • Load the dishwasher to get the dishes clean and the sink empty.
  • Throw away all the trash, put away all the junk, and take out the garbage.
  • Wipe down counters with a damp, slightly soapy cloth.

The Bathroom

Everyone in the family and anyone who comes to visit is going to use the bathroom, so keeping it clean will make you look like you're a great house cleaner, even if you're cheating a little.

  • Put away any dirty clothes and put in fresh towels.
  • Throw away any trash.
  • Wipe out the toilet bowl, sink, and counters.

That's it! In no time, your house will look cleaner and you'll feel better!

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