Bring New Life to That Kid Swing Set

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You not only focus on housekeeping in the home, but also work on the outside. That swing set you have for your kids has been exposed to a lot of wear and tear, including usage, rain, snow, weather, sunlight, and many other situations. When you bought it, it added a really nice and exciting touch to your property, but not it is beginning to show its life. So what can you do to revive the beauty? You can get some paint and be creative. Here are the steps to renewing that play set in your backyard so that your kids can enjoy it once again and you can gain some pride from your fabulous efforts.


Before you can paint that swing set, you need to have the right tools for the job and get the surface ready for the new paint. For starters, get or purchase a new corded drill and some wire brushes to use on it. The wire brushes should be designed for paint removal. Most packaging will say on it what it can be used for. They also make paint removal discs, but that will dig deep into the surface and potentially leave marks.

Next, you need to inspect the swing set to determine where the rust is located. After you uncover that issue, you can begin brushing the rust off the surface.

Third, you need to choose your paint. Paint is available in both cans and sprays. There are several types designed for outdoor use and some have better adhesion than others. You will know when it says it has high durability or scratch resistance. There are also some paints with primer built right in. This can save a lot of time, as long as the surface is prepped correctly.

Fourth, you need to have painters tape and some wide surface protectors, such as aluminum foil, plastic, etc. The reason you need this is because without it; you would need a lot of tape as you keep rapping it around the poles. There is no need for this and you probably have no time for it either. Unless you are just painting one color, you will need these items. You can use the tape to secure the foil since it removes easy.


Once you have the surface rust removed and the surface roughed up a little bit, you can begin painting or priming. For canned paint, simply brush it on. For sprays, most require about 8-12 inches away from the surface and is applied in slow strokes and in layers. Once you have the color painted that you desire, you should remove the tape and protectors from the swing set. Oftentimes, the paint can come off with the tape if it is dry. You don’t want that.

If anything goes wrong or the paint bleeds, don’t stress it out too much. That is a normal thing to happen to just about everyone. Nobody is perfect and it probably won’t be very noticeable anyway. The project handler is always the worst critic, especially on dedicated projects that require a good amount of time. Regardless, upon successful completion; you will have a new piece of furniture to enjoy in your backyard and the pride of a job well done. The kids will surely enjoy it too!

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