Aromatherapy in the Home

Aromatherapy in the Home

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So what's just about the first thing that you notice when you walk into your home? For most people its the smell. Hopefully it’s a pleasant one. If it isn't aromatherapy is a wonderful, natural and non-toxic way to make that entrance a more welcoming and pleasing one.

There are quite a number of ways in which you can introduce aromatherapy oils into your home. You can use the oils in a diffuser to act as an air freshener, or if you don't have a burner or diffuser, simply place about four drops of your chosen oils onto a ball of cotton wool and place in drawers, cupboards or behind a radiator.

Another simple solution is to add about 6 - 8 drops of the chosen essential oils into a bowl of boiling water. You can also buy light bulb rings that release the scent of the oils into the room when the light is turned on.

Cleaning with essential oils is another delightful way to introduce the healing aromas into your home. Essential oils can simply be added to a final water rinse for any room that you are cleaning, particularly the kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas. Not only do oils have a wonderful fragrance after you have cleaned, but they also improve the act of cleaning the home by surrounding yourself in their scents. Most of them are great for ridding your home of viruses and bacteria as they contain disinfectant, antibacterial or antiviral properties.

The beauty of essential oils is that there are so many combinations of therapeutic aromas with just a few drops. You are not locked into the commercial products that use perfume oils, so you can change your scent to suit your mood or occasion in just an instant.

There are so many books and internet articles available for you to read to get started and most of them have some fantastic recipes if you are nervous about experimenting at first. The chances are that once you get going, you will soon learn to modify recipes to suit your own personal tastes or even begin to start developing your own recipe ideas.

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