5 Home Storage Ideas for Basements

5 Home Storage Ideas for Basements

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3d wooden shelves 913 71The basement can be the center of a family’s life, because most people use their basement for entertaining and family rooms. Because so much time is spent in the basement, it is important to keep everything organized and storage is key. If making time to organize your basement is not possible, The Maids of South Shore in Brockton, MA are available with a variety of cleaning services, otherwise you can utilize these great ideas.

1.Utilize the Cabinetry

Take advantage of cabinet space, people tend to let cabinets collect dust, rather than utilizing them for what they were made for, to store items. Get creative with the items you store in your cabinets, they can be used for dvds, and cds, even books and toys.  There are some great companies that sell affordable cabinets that you can hand yourself or hire someone else to do it for you.  Most cabinets are designed with locks where you can lock your items safely.

2. Cubbyholes for shoes

Cubbyholes can be the best place to store your shoes. For the idea to be effective you need to have enough cubbyholes installed at your basement for you to enjoy enough space for storing your shoes.

3. Coats and bags can be hanged neatly on hooks

Hooks are affordable and great for hanging items.  Coats, and bags can be hanged to create more floor space and to create a neat environment.

4. Woven baskets for dirty clothes

You can store your laundry in a woven basket, until you are ready to get to the wash. While in the basket you will easily conceal them for your house to look smart.

5. Shelves for books

For easy storage of books that you usually read while in the basements, you should keep them on the shelves. Books resting on the shelves will be easy for you to locate them any time you will like to read. For easy retrieval you should arrange them neatly in alphabetical order.

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