4 Kitchen Organization Tips to Decongest Your Kitchen and Free up More Space

4 Kitchen Organization Tips to Decongest Your Kitchen and Free up More Space

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4064 101413 gs4064There are many benefits to organizing your kitchen. Not only does it free up your kitchen space and make it less congested but it also ensures that you are able to get whatever you are looking for fast and keeps your workspace clean.  Use our kitchen organizing tips below to decongest your kitchen.

1. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

You can have hooks placed underneath cabinets so that they hold mugs over the countertops. Alternatively, hang stemware rack at the exact same spot and keep wine glasses there. This way, considerable cabinet space will be freed up. You may also suspend adhesive hooks on inner pantry doors or cabinet doors for holding tools such as oven mitts, measuring cups or other gadgets of the kitchen. And for your pots and pans, you may want to use a ceiling rack or wall space.

2. Use Drawer Dividers

These are great for your junk drawers and cooking utensils drawers. While we all need somewhere to keep those miscellaneous things, there is no need for them to be disorganized. This ensures that you can easily find things in case you need them.

3. Clean Out your Refrigerator

The trash bags need to be kept near the trash cans. Also, have loose bags thrown at the bottom of your can. This ensures that when one bag is pulled, another one is always below it and waiting to be used. If you normally put your trash at the curb once a week, use the time to clean your refrigerator every week too. This will keep your refrigerator organized as well. It will also be less cluttered.

4. Sort Papers

Coupons, notepads, pens, takeout menus or other papers can accumulate on your countertop if not managed. Just acquire a magnetic sorter box that you should then hang on the inner part of the refrigerator to take care of these papered stuffs. Each kind of paper ought to have own segment in the sorter.

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