4 Home Storage Ideas for Bedroom

4 Home Storage Ideas for Bedroom

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bedroom 1113tm pic 64The bedroom is one of the most, if not the most important room in your home.  It is where you sleep and go to, in order to be able to relax after a long day, for some the bedroom is a sanctuary.  Keeping your bedroom organized can help to maintain the calming atmosphere associated with this room. The majority of your clothing and shoes are stored in your bedroom, as well as other everyday essentials there.  Below are some tips provided by The Maids of South Shore in Brockton, MA along with a wide variety of household services.

1.Place items under the bed

With the help of baskets and boxes, you can easily utilize the space under your bed correctly.  Keeping things organized in baskets and so on, will help to ensure that you do not create a mess under the bed, and still have a place for extra storage. 

2. Maximize the closet

The way you organize your closet will determine how valuable the space will be.  Although the closet is beneficial, none of that will matter if you do not take advantage of the space correctly by keeping things organized in there. Make sure your clothes are folded neatly and hanging where they should be, there are also storage available for your shoes that you can hang on the door of your closet to create floor space for other items.

3. Install shelves

Shelves are great for adding an extra decorative touch with items you may want to adorn your wall, but they are great for storage as well.  Stores like Ikea, have very affordable shelves that can easily be hung by yourself.

4. Have a Murphy bed for your kids

A murphy bed can save a lot of space in the bedroom and is especially great for the children’s room.  With a murphy bed you can easily fold it rest it on the fall. This will leave enough space which you can use to keep other items in the home.

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